Golf Products to Help Improve Your Game

Here are just some of the great training aids that can lift your game to new levels. Please visit our sponsors and use the promo codes to get special deals today.



Teaches players a better takeaway, when to set the wrists & proper position at the top of the backswing. Includes instructional DVD.


Impact Bag

A new take on the original Impact Bag, the Impact Cube features 4 faces with different angles for striking. Made from ultra-durable ballistic nylon.


Power Fan

One of the easiest and most effective products for increasing distance and improving swing sequence on the market today. Pick it up and swing to gain more strength and control.


Swing Extender

Creates a straighter leading arm, a better shoulder turn, wider swing arc & greater shot control. With less effort but better mechanics players will hit the ball longer & straighter.


Pro-Alignment Rods
(Set of 3)

Set of three 48″ fiberglass rods in the yellow and black SKLZ color scheme. The rods have rings on them for reference when setting up.

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Golf Training Aids
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